HU Research Network is the result of an informal brown bag lunch gathering of a few Howard University scholars from different disciplines on April 25, 2013. We met at the School of Divinity in response to the Nannie Helen Burroughs lecture that issued a call to “rise in the majesty of the soul, as spiritual and intellectual giants aflame with a purpose.”

The conversation generated great synergy around several ideas related to Howard as a research one university re-discovering itself in service to the whole person, understanding the human experience and bringing scholarship to bear on human problems.  I invite you to join the conversation, describe your work, express your ideas, raise new questions, and imagine new collaborative possibilities that will source an evolution in consciousness and provide a compass as we find our way, both individually and collectively, to the expression of our highest purpose.

This is  a space for generative conversations that will lead to interdisciplinary, transformative, broad impact research collaborations.  This is a space for musing and reflecting, a space for the meeting and mating of ideas.  So tell us about your dream projects and let’s see what the HU Research Network Connection might produce.

Velma E. Love, Blog Administrator


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  1. Many thanks for creating this blog, Velma! I look forward to further “generative conversations” that arise from our commitment to one another, to the university, and to the future.

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